It’s another Saturday evening and I’m bored to my wits trying to wait for a download to finish. So I suppose I could go back and try posting something, eh?

On studying Japanese.


As most of you would know, I am currently studying Japanese via an extramural class in UP.

But first, a jikoshoukai (introduction):


Errm, anyway.

There are currently 4 modules (it used to only have three, but they decided to open up a new module) and I am now currently on the third one. Well, actually, today is the second to the last meeting. Next week, we’ll do some presentations, and that’s it — end of Module 3 already.

It’s kind of sad though, to have it end. It’s nice that I have met yet more amazing people. I’ll have to thank Karen as well for introducing me to this — if not for her I wouldn’t have become a UP student (which I failed to do about 7 years ago) hehe. Yeah, sentimental much.

Though it was a bit unclear, I heard from our class earlier that the next 4th module class will be offered, but next year. I suppose I could start studying Korean in between, but then I thought that I wanted to master first what I have already taken up. It feels disappointing not to be able to talk and listen to Japanese properly, so that’s why I wanted to go back to the first lesson and study and practice everything again.

On Gundam.

Aside from watching some Gundam anime shows again (as part of learning Japanese), there was also a point in time where I got rekindled with my old Gundam modeling hobby.

I bought three models first, a 1/144 RX-78-2 30th Anniversary version, a 1/144 Unicorn Destroy Mode, and a non-graded 1/100 00 Gundam + 0 Raiser (which I bought separately, but I counted as one model since they become 00 Raiser). Afterwards, I stepped it up a bit by buying an MG (Master grade) Sinanju Ver. Ka, which was considered as one of the most challenging MG’s to build out there.

Without the ridiculously-hard-to-apply dry transfer stickers. Sits nice in my office desk now hehe ^^

I stopped doing it now, but maybe I’ll come back some time. Most probably with the Ex-S Gundam, which is bigger and more difficult to build x_x

The reason why I stopped is because of a new hobby…

On headphones and other audiophile stuff.

Yep, this is my new hobby. The first time I think that I got into this is when I bought my first real audiophile-grade stuff, which is an AKG K518DJ headphone. After that, it led me into joining a local group, (Head-Fi is too confusing  and cluttered for me -__-).

This local group is a great one — the last time I was impressed this much on a hobby forum is when I joined Digital Photographer Philippines.

Let me put it this way: When I first joined, I was about to buy a Grado Labs Alessandro MS1i headphone, but then I posted a thread asking for a good alternative at the same price range. A day after that, one of the guys there PM’ed me, suggesting that we could do a “mini-meet” for me to try out some of their proposed alternative headphones. I’m sorry, but doing something like that on your new members is just fan-bleeding-tastic.

I don’t have the knowledge, and I don’t have anything much to share in the forums… but I do attend some of the meets. It’s also one of the things that made me stay in this hobby — what they do in their meets is simple: they just put their stuff down and share them to everyone. They allow you to try their headphones, even the most ridiculously expensive ones!

They’re a great bunch of guys as well — nice to talk to and very informative. mods can take a lesson or two from these guys on how to become not anal with the rules and newbies.

I think the reason why these kind of meets are great is that this is a very subjective hobby. As mentioned by one of the guys there, it all boils down on your preferences.

For example, I wanted to get a Sennheiser HD650 before, and I really liked it when I was finally able to ‘audition’ (that’s the term they use when you want to try out a particular audio item) one from a previous meet. However, I still preferred the fun musicality of the Beyerdynamic DT150, which is about $200 cheaper than the HD650.

One thing to note though is that this is an expensive hobby as well. Spending here, in my opinion, is comparable to drinking gin mixes. You know, the “traydor” drinks, where you drink a lot and before you know it, you’re already drunk.

If that didn’t make any sense, here’s I think is a better comparison: Spending in photography is more a “one time, big time” deal. The time in-between upgrades there is longer and the price is more expensive than in this audiophile hobby.

For example, I bought the MS1i for 5.6k, then bought a 2k amp, then a 9k Cowon S9 source, then a 1k DAC, and then a 1.4k IEM. Compared to when I bought a D60 (26k) and a tripod (5K) and a lens (12k) and a 6-stop filter (6.5k), not including the 27k wide-angle lens that I’ve been eyeing before. I hope you finally got my point.

This new hobby is a learning gold mine as well, especially if you’re technically-inclined. Or maybe you’re just a geek like me.

Thanks also to this hobby, I have grown a rational hate headphones like Skullcandy. I gotta admit, there was a point in time where it was one of my options. But thank God I didn’t go with it, as I have then learned that those headphones are overpriced piece of shit.

Just like PowerMacCenter.

Did I also tell you that those different brands like Oboe and Skullcandy and those Chinese knockoffs are basically the same headphones?

And please, let’s not get into the Beats by Dre argument, shall we?

ANYWAY, one of the best things about this hobby is you get to appreciate your music more. You enjoy more, you try out lots of headphones to see which fits the music more, you get better amps, you try improving your formats, and then you enjoy listening even more.

Perhaps I’ll stay on this for a while. I certainly do not plan to go overboard right now, but we’ll see. When I get the Beyer DT150 I mentioned earlier, I think I won’t have to do anymore upgrades for a long while.


Hey there. If you’re reading beyond this point, I’d like to say thanks for visiting this site. Or, I should say, thanks for clicking that link in my Multiply post… which led you here.

I suppose I could talk a couple more things…

On work.

Pretty much the same, execpt for some.. *eherm* changes. Let’s just say that those “changes” involve bigger expectations and more difficult cases to handle.

Not that I am complaining though :D

I could go on ranting about how I’m still bad and how I am having difficulty meeting my monthly quota. But then again, at the end of the day, I am still thankful because I have this job and I will still continue working.

Ranting isn’t bad; it’s a way of letting things out. Especially when your medium of letting are things like blogs or your social network sites. But try to be careful though… don’t go posting bad stuff when you have added seniors in your page.

Going back to work: the “change” I said a while ago… I’m not going to say that I didn’t deserve it, but with my situation now is a bit disappointing to know that I’m still this bad but now there are more things to expect out of me.

But then of course, I also think it’s a way for me to improve.

On… that.

You know that previous GY shift? That probably had the most number of awkward 7:00 a.m.’s I had in my life! It’s been more than a year already, and you’re still treating me like that?

See what I did? It’s really ironic, because now I’m actually helping you do the things you are doing. I now avoid you at the end of the shift. I make sure we don’t get on the same bus. I really do hope you know how it felt.

There, I said it.

The thing that I wanted to point out is that is this: It’s like Nas and Beth where they use the same route going home. Do you know how stupidly awkward it is when both of them leave the office at the same time, but each takes a separate taxi?