I only got to posting a blog again thanks to a TED talk shared by a friend of mine called ‘Try Something New for 30 Days’. Although blogging isn’t actually new to me (been doing it since 2003 yo), this has been something that I haven’t done recently. So I’ve decided to try getting back the feel of blogging for the next 30 days.

Anyway, I’ve been planning to do this blog post for some time now, so I’m glad to finally get this out of the way: I’d like to thank my team mates in the office for being such an awesome company during our March morning shift. Yes I know it sounds corny, but that’s what I really thought of to say after that shift ended.

I’ve been through tough shit throughout that month, particularly about two instances: when I found out that I failed the JLPT N4 exam, and when I suddenly found out that someone in particular already had a boyfriend.

So it surprised even myself how I handled those situations. I haven’t told anyone about these (well, I told Boss Candy about the failed exam), but in a way the team made me act more professional in the office (instead of acting somber or going on a hissy fit). And oh, they’re fun dudes too, especially during lunch and on that team outing.

So there, thanks guys! I’ll be on leave on the 25th, but I’ll still make sure to buy you all dinner ;)